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Beaded Fringe & Drapery Embrace
Wrapped beaded fringe in alternating colors with linen & metallic drapery embrace. Created for a
corporate client.
Moroccan Brass Filigree Tieback
Available only as a custom order. Inquiries welcome.
Classic Hanger Fringe in Orange
Custom order for private client. Inquiries welcome.
Somerset 2 1/2" Plaid on Loom
Available at Holland & Sherry Interiors "Wool Trim Vol I"
Name: Somerset Tape
Width: 2/1/2"
Product # DE97149/BT
Color: Aqua/Taupe
Open Weave Gimp Braid
Custom orders available. Inquiries welcome.
Kuba 3 1/2" Linen Jacquard Tape
Available at Holland & Sherry Interiors in "Linen Trim" Collection
Pattern: Kuba
Width: 3 1/2"
Color: Natural
Product # DE97149/BT
Bella-Dura® Braided Cord
Bella-Dura® solution dyed yarn is suitable for indoor/outdoor use. Bella-Dura® is a proprietary yarn made in the USA. The fiber is inherently antimicrobial, bleach cleanable and has a high pilling resistance. A great choice for both residential and contract projects. Trimming tests to 1500 light hours.
'Christopher' 2 1/2" Jacquard Tape
Available at Holland & Sherry Interiors in "Wool Trim Vol I" collection.
Pattern: Christopher
Width: 2 1/2"
Color: Pool
Product # DE97008/BT
18th C. French Tieback With Tassel
Custom ordered by private client. Inquiries welcome.
"Sarabi" 2 2/3" Jacquard Linen Tape
Available at Holland & Sherry Interiors in "Linen Trim Vol I"
Pattern: Sarabi
Width: 2 2/3"
Color: Cobalt
Product # DE97158/BT
Black & Gold Empire Hanger Fringe
Create your own custom order. Inquiries welcome.
Antique Tassel Restoration
Restoration & Heritage projects are our specialty. Inquiries welcome.
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